The Guitars

All Evaline Guitars are hand carved and hand made... The "Old Fashioned" way. No CNC machines or over-seas subcontracted factories manufacturing the guitars and sending back to the US only to be "assembled" here and then claimed to be "American Made" like other companies do. Everything is made start-to-finish in our little shop in Michigan by master luthier Gary Kozlowski.

All guitars are designed with the "player" in mind. our lower cutaways are moved back far enough to easily reach any fret on the fingerboard. Even the 24 fret models can be fretted on the Low-E string at the 24th fret with ease. Also, all guitars now feature our hand-contoured neck pocket. This gives the guitarist a very comfortable feel when his/her fret hand is high up near the body. It has the feel and flow of a neck-through body, but still maintaining the practicality of a bolt-on neck. An endless variety of colors and hardware options leaves the end result up to YOUR imagination. Exactly how do YOU want YOUR guitar? That’s exactly how we'll build it!!

Standard Series


Evaline GFK-R

The GFK-R is a a completely asymmetrical, double cutaway body and is the 1st guitar designed by Evaline. It's name came from a mixed up combination of initials of Gary Kozlowski's father's and grandfather's names.


Evaline GSV

The GSV (or BSV in our Signature Series line) is a "V" body guitar constructed on a smaller scale. It has a compact version of the classic "V" wings but with a symetrical double cutaway at the neck. Very reminiscent of a couple classic designs, but merged together in a totally new, hip and unique way.

The CM-K

Evaline CM-K

The CM-K is a double cutaway body that has a classic feel, but with modern "edgy" lines. A slightly smaller body shape that tends to be popular with those who don't like a heavy guitar or one that appears to be large and bulky. Very popular with smaller guys and gals.

The The Waldogg

Evaline Waldogg

The Waldogg is our first single cutaway body. "Less Paul and More Wall" is a popular phrase amongst those who have played one. Good balance, classic rounded shape, but with a bit of attitude.

The JX

Evaline JX

The JX is a single cutaway body that is almost identical to the Waldogg, except for the shape of the top "horn" area. The JX is a bit more vintage in that area. The JX has turned out to be one of our most popular body shapes.

The Outlaw

Evaline Outlaw

The Outlaw is a double cutaway design that is actually a hybrid body, blended between the front half of the GFK-R, and the back half of the Waldogg/JX models. Our largest full body guitar. A bit on the heavy side for those who like 'm with some mass.

The Riot Axe

Evaline Riot Axe

The Riot Axe is our newest body design. Its a V-body design that is different than any other. Long and lean. Slim and sleek, this one is a bit more narrow than some of the other more obnoxious V's out there. This is a true "Rock" guitar that even looks good on someone of smaller size. The Riot Axe screams "Look at me" as soon as it hits the stage..

Signature Series

The JX Signature "Ouija JX"

Evaline Jinxx Signature Ouija JX

Custom Ouija print artwork on a hand burned, Swamp Ash body. Maple neck with Ebony fretboard. "Slim-line" neck profile. No inlay dots. 24 frets. Medium Jumbo (6150) fret wire. Black hardware. Tune-O-Matic bridge. Single volume knob with no tone knob. Single EMG "81" angled in the bridge position.

The JP Signature "Riot Axe"

Evaline Jake Pitts Signature Riot Axe

Custom two-tone red fading to black paint on a Swamp Ash body. 45 degree angled edges with Red tracer stripe. Black painted Maple neck with Ebony fretboard. "Slim-line" neck profile. Red trim on headstock and back of neck. No inlay dots. 24 frets. Medium Jumbo (6150) fret wire. Black hardware. Tune-O-Matic bridge. Single volume knob with no tone knob. Dual EMG "81" pickups angled.

The Brian Schram Signature "BSV" 1

Evaline BSV-1

Royal Blue Pearl Mahogany body with Evaline's unique white pearl flame-style pick guard. Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard. Round white inlay dots. "Super-fat" neck profile. 22 frets. Medium Jumbo (6150) fretwire. Chrome hardware. Evaline's patented "Trem-handle" tremolo system. White GFS "Lil-Killer" mini humbucker angled in bridge position. Chrome GFS "Vintage 59" in neck position. Volume and Tone Controls. 3-way selector switch.

The Lukas Rossi Signature "Akrztic Waldogg"

Lucas Akrztic Waldogg

High-Gloss Tuxedo Black, hollow mahogany & Swamp Ash body, (all other Akrztic Series guitars are mahagony, Lukas's Signature model is a combination of both Mahagony AND Swamp Ash to create that undenyable Lukas tone!) Traced in with inset Cubic Zirconias around the perimeter. "Slim-line" neck profile coated in matte black finish. 22 frets. Medium Jumbo (6150) fret wire. Chrome hardware. Fuelie Tunnel Ram Acoustic pickup/internal mic combo, paired with a Fuelie "Pro-Mod" humbucker bridge pickup. Black and Chrome trim throughout.

Akrztic Series

Evaline Akrztic

The Arkztic Series is a new innovation in acoustic guitars. Available in GFK-R, JX, WALDOGG, GSV and OUTLAW body styles. Available either painted to the color of your choice or with a Hawaiian Koa laminate top in either natural or colored stain. It features our unique "hollowed-out" one-piece mahagony body with a bolt-on electric guitar neck. So playability is almost identical to an electric guitar. The body has a sound hole for "campfire" unplugged playing. It features a pickup system specially designed by Evaline, and created by Fuelie Pickups, exclusively for this guitar line. Packed in a single-coil size casing, Fuelie wound up an amazing acoustic pickup for amplified acoustic sounds. It's paired up with a special microphone tucked down inside the body to pickup natural acoustic ambiance. The pickup and mic are then blended together with a special knob next to the volume knob. Wether you're after a classic county campfire sound, or an unplugged power ballad, adjustiblity of your acoustic tones is just a simple twist of the fingers!

On the electric side, Fuelie has put together one of their "Pro-Mod" humbuckers in a pint size package. Wrapped up in a single-coil size casing, this pickup has enough punch to knock out Rocky!! Located in the bridge position, it runs on its own circuit to a separate output jack. Plug this into your amp and the acoustic circuit into the PA system. Both pickups have independent volume controls and on/off switches. Play them together or separate from each other. With the flip of a switch, you can add some serious fire to your bar-stool performances in a way never before possible.