Lukas Rossi "Super Sex Magic" music video (guitar tracks recorded by Cyamak Ashtiani with his CM-K)

Evaline CMK DemonstrationThis is a test run by Cyamak Ashtiani for the Evaline CMK model guitar. For more information check out

Jinxx's Ouija Guitar This is the FULL LENGTH & un-cut video for the song "Priacy" from the "Disturbing the Peace" album by SHRAM. Brian Schram plays his Evaline BSV exclusively in this video, and the song itself was recorded with the same guitar.

Cyamak's guitar lesson for Guitar World Magazine
(feturing the CM-K)

Panic Trigger "Wind Me Up" live (feturing the GFK-R)

Panic Trigger "Eruption/3:16/Panama/Beat It" medly live
(feturing the GFK-R)

The Unheard "Helpless" music video (feturing the Waldogg)