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Evaline Guitars announces it's first female endorsed guitarist.

It is official. We at Evaline are beyond pleased to announce the first new endorsement of 2014 and the first ever "female" guitarist to our proud list of amazing players. Devyn "Devo Fresh" Pristow from the Los Angeles based all-female rock band "Violet" has teamed up with Evaline Guitars to help launch a new line of guitars to our lineup.

Devo is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and has been playing guitar since she was 14 years Old. She moved to L.A. in the summer of 2013 and joined Violet just a couple months later in October. After that, everything started to fall into place.

We had been considering the possibility of working with Jessie Covets of Violet for about a year. When we contacted Jessie, she explained that she was already working with another guitar company and recommended we take a look at her new guitarist Devo. That was a blessing for us and Devo alike. Everything about Devo is exactly what Evaline wants to be known for. Talent, style, personality, the look, and just being a good person who appreciates the good things in life that come our way.

"We are honored to have Devo on our roster." said Gary Kozlowski, owner and head luthier of Evaline. "She's a fantastic player in a really cool band. Very talented and has truckloads of potential. And beyond all of that, Devo is a very sweet, and appreciative person. We've been working together on the design of her new custom guitar since early December, and it was an absolute pleasure to face the challenge that she brought to the table. Not that she was picky, but I kind of forced her to be really specific as to what would be her "dream guitar". And the more I demanded her to be, the more she helped with specifics and details. It was a lot of fun working with her on this one. And when it materializes, the efforts will show! We're both already talking about the next 2 or 3!"

The final mockups were completed and approved by Devo in late December and that got the ball rolling. At the time of this writing, Koz is hard at work carving and creating Devo's new custom axe. The name, style, theme and photos of her guitar will be revealed at a later date, for the official release of Evaline's newest line of guitars. An entire new body style will be added to our stable.

"Evaline has given me what every musician wants, the freedom to be themself, working with them I've been able to create a reliable instrument that gives me confidence to perform to my best ability!"
"This is very exciting news for all of us at Evaline. We're looking to make 2014 our biggest and best year ever. We have so much planned for the near and distant future. And Devo will be a big part of that! Devo Fresh... Welcome to the family!!"

You can follow Devo and the rest of the girls of Violet here:




Evaline launches new "Road Series" line of guitars and REDUCED PRICING on "Pro Model" line!

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for a more "affordable" version of the Ouija JX, Evaline Guitar Company is pleased to announce a new line of guitars geared toward tourning musicians who don't want to be overly careful with a "high-dollar" custom axe, young and beginner guitarists who don't want to spend a lot of money on a beginner guitar, and fans of the JX and BVB who love this iconic Ouija guitar and want one like it, but simply can't afford or don't want to spend thousands of dollars on an exact replica.

The new "Road Series" will feature many new cost saving techniques to help keep the price down for the market in which it was designated for. ALL of our guitars, (JX, GFK-R, Waldogg, CM-K, Outlaw, Riot Axe, GSV, BSV, and JX Signature Ouija JX) with the exception of the "Akrztic Series" will be available in the new "Road Series". As a result, Evaline will formally refer to our guitars built in our traditional fashion as "Pro Model".

Thanks to new investors, parts suppliers and volume buying power, we are able to create this exciting new line of more affordable guitars. In addition, Evaline is now also able to LOWER OUR PRICING on all of our "Pro Model" guitars and "Akrztic Series" line of guitars!! All "Pro Model" guitars will feature all of our techniques and top of the line parts and equipment as always. Now you have "another" choice! And that is what Evaline is all about. Giving our customers choices and options that simply are not available through other guitar companies.

PRO MODEL: 1 Hand-Wound Passive Pickup from Fuelie Pickups, 1 Volume, 1 Tone (optional), Hardtail Roller Bridge, Color Wood Stain, 22 Frets, Standard Thin Neck Contour, 22 Frets, Standard Fret Marker Dots, Compound Fretboard Radius, Graph Tech Nut, Sperzel Locking Tuners, Hand-Contoured Neck Pocket, Customer Choice of Harware Color (Black, Chrome, Gold)

ROAD SERIES: 1 GFS Passive Pickup, 1 Volume, 1 Tone (optional), Hardtail Bridge, Color Wood Stain, 22 Frets, Standard Thin Neck Contour, 22 Frets, Standard Fret Marker Dots, Gotoh Tuners, Customer Choice of Harware Color (Black, Chrome, Gold)

Additional options are per customer specification and are priced on a application-specific basis (i.e. exotic neck woods, custom fretboard radius and neck contour, 24 fret extension, Diamond, Celtic Cross, Skull, Shark Fin, Trapazoid, or Square Inlay Fret Markers, multiple pickups, special order pickups, LSR Roller Nut, paint, multi-color stain or paint, laminate top, custom themes, etc.)

**Not all options are available on "Road Series" gutiars, and are only available on "Pro Model" and "Akrztic Series" lines of guitars.

"Stay Tuned" to EvalineGuitars.com for more information, pictures and a complete pricing breakdown on all guitar options.

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